Should I get a xbox 360?

Should I get a xbox 360?


I have never had a PlayStation 3 or Xbox in my life and am now going to get an XBox360.

If you have had an Xbox please give me your experience with it And how many gigabytes I should buy the console

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  1. I would go with the PS3. If your Xbox tips over during play then it will destroy the game disk.

  2. I would personally go for the ps3 over xbox 360. the playstation exclusive games are one level above any exclusives on the xbox.

    I used to have an xbox 360, admittedly cause it was cheaper than the ps3. but wasnt that fussed on it. got a ps3 instead and dont regret it. plus the ps3 dont charge you anything to play online like the xbox does and it has a blu ray player. and the playstation plus service which you can choose to sign up to if you want for about 11.99 for 3 months gives you free games to play. and these games are actually full retail games like little big planet 2 and infamous etc. you dont get that on xbox. you just have to pay to play your games online.

    xbox 360 is an ok console but not as good as ps3. i would recommend 60gb or more of hdd if you want to download games

  3. Buy the Xbox 360 slim not an old one as there is a risk of rrod. I’ve got both ps3 & Xbox but I use my Xbox more as normally the games are cheaper and screen resolution is normally higher. Otherwise its down to personal taste in games. I have a 280 gb Xbox (I think! )

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