Sony PlayStation 4: PS4 Is Region Free & DRM included

Sony PlayStation 4: PS4 Is Region Free & DRM included


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Sony PlayStation 4: PS4 Is Region Free & DRM included

PS4 - Playing DVDs from other regions


  1. I need help my psn i create singapore it didn't accept debit card and i from brunei and malaysia its rm and why sony doesn't have brunei region i wanna be membership

  2. Qatur seems to be the cheapest store…
    I'm am right?! BF4 Premium is now 23.99 or something like that..what?!

  3. so if I buy a PS4 in America and I bring it back home to Norway, I can buy games here and still play them without any problems?? 


  5. Does region free mean…I'm from the U.k can I but it from Walmart or other american websites and play it in the U.k? The console that is not the games

  6. I like all consoles in general but ps4 is off the hook and thank you for uploading this because I was curious on the region lock and this is the console im looking forward to most.Thank you

  7. As long as you watch movies that are NTCS then you should be good…mostly Asia, India and others view movies in a PAL format.

  8. I can only assume yes because if you have Blu-Ray games region free then why not movies. I would be careful of movies that are not NTCF because PAL movies play at a different speed.

  9. The short answer is yes but the mains voltage in Australia is 230V 50Hz & USA and Canada which uses 100/120V 50/60Hz you will need to purchase a voltage converter or power adaptor.

  10. SO dose that mean i can buy onefrom america ( i live in aus) and play it here is aus! ??

  11. I noticed this when I put in a region 2 DVD in that I bought on Amazon. Do you have to change it back when you play a game?

  12. why my ps4 doesn't play dvds is shows region restriction but i cant change the settings

  13. i have region 3 ps4 can i play region.2 games on it
    and what ps plus membership should i buy

  14. when I want to play a DVD from another region on my PS4 and this error message pops up there's no 'options' option, just enter and back

  15. So if i live in argentina… i'm cool with bluray movie?
    my ps4 is from here, if i buy a bluray from the U.S i can play it?

  16. They also have region free dvds /blurays at stores. But now it's basically everything online.

  17. I bought a DVD that was from the UK and I kept changing the regions because my movies were region 1, so kept changing them back and forth until I used all the 4 chances. I returned the DVD UK movie back and bought the blu ray from here in the US. The ps4 is now not letting me watch the blu ray because I think it sees it as the DVD one still. After using the 4 chances and now it's locked, how do I change the region back???

  18. I bought a DVD boxset from UK and it won't play on my US PS4. Which sucks. And now I know PS4 has limits on changing regions, I will have to buy a brand new region free bluray player that plays both DVD and Bluray.

  19. Does the PS4 remember the region code change? If I change from 1 to 2, will I always be able to play both regions?

  20. hi i have a question i live in malaysia and the region cod is 3 and i have a ps4 slim region 3 can i change it when i wanto move in australia ?

  21. They must have changed it cause I get Invalid Region and can't change any options there not given. disconnected Internet didn't work eaither.

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