The Solus Project – Part 1 – Dropship Gliese

The Solus Project – Part 1 – Dropship Gliese [The Solus Project Gameplay / Let’s Play]


The Solus Project - Part 1 - Dropship Gliese [The Solus Project Gameplay / Let's Play]


  1. I came back to comment on Splattercat saying how it was arbitrary how we decided to pronunciate words. To my ears, it is like nails on a chalkboard when ya get it wrong. The last guy I was watching was getting many words wrong, and couldn't figure out the simple things.

  2. I came here after trying to watch a guy, Just Jason, playing this. I watched several of his Solus gaming videos and couldn't believe how ignorant and noobish he was.out gaming, Not just ignorant about gaming, but also basic things like English (and he is a native speaker) and obviously like poorly written and made movies. Splattercat, don't let me down.

  3. I love this game. I don't know why, but the story and atmosphere just resonates with me. The story is so well thought out and wonderfully mysterious and disturbing, and this is actually the first game to make me want to think and theorize about the plot. There's so much to do, too, that it adds a TON of playability.

  4. Not to beat a dead horse…and that horse is indeed dead, but this game is like a better version of No Man's Sky.

  5. In English pronunciation of words, especially vowels, is pretty arbitrary. You don't find that on Latin languages.

  6. I'm really far in the game, and I'm in a cave system deep down in the ground and there is a door I have to open with water. When I was on the surface, I thought to myself: "why would I need a water bottle if there is water spouts at every corner?" So, being the dumbo that I am, I left it. Now I have to go all the way back to the surface (which will take 2-3 hours to do) just to grab a stupid water bottle to open this door. So my advice to any new comers; "always bring a water bottle, even if it's not full. There's even cups right next to the mechanism that are just for show. Trolling developers! Lol

  7. This game is awesome! I played the early access version and also the full version. Great atmosphere and cool story!

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