The Unfinished Swan Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 The Garden PS3...

The Unfinished Swan Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 [Chapter 1] The Garden PS3 Let’s Play


The Unfinished Swan Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 1 [Chapter 1] The Garden PS3 Let's Play


  1. You seem nerdy. You don't need to try being funny, just show the game mate. It's something different than most of the games. Nice for kids. Great that there are companies making such products and not only blood and violence action-shooting games.

  2. guys, im confused between how i would react while playing – "BOOOOOOORING" or "OMG, THIS GAME IS SO FREAKING AWESOME" i seriously dont know

  3. Not to get in the middle of this but, what makes you think he plays COD? You wouldn't happen to be running your mouth without actually knowing anything would you?

  4. If you paint everything in black you might wanna paint back white because you can't see much difference in the shape, so no point painting more black.

  5. It's like a weird mixture between de blob, Epic Mickey, and Madworld. Very creative and distinctive very every game on the market.

  6. As someone that took my time playing this and enjoyed seeing & exploring the environment one blob at a time it was almost too much for me to watch you blow through this painting EVERYTHING! Ha Ha! You have to leave some surfaces unpainted so there is contrast available to create "shadows" and depth. Much like you said you wanted to, I explored everywhere before I moved on.

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