Thinking about getting a PS3?

Thinking about getting a PS3?


Well Im considering buying a PS3 and have always been an Xbox FanBoy (still am) but there are some cool exlcusives coming out for PS3 and also the whole media center thing I could back up some videos onto it to save room on my PC :)

but the main thing Im wondering is

on Black Friday will there be any cool bundles or anything?

dont have to be confirmed maybe rumors. If you know any plz answer :)

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  1. just stay up all night and wait for the best deal to come out on black friday.

    i am getting a new 1080 p tv to go with my ps3.

    so you get the ps3 slim and i’ll get the tv

  2. Ignore the guy above me. If you want a good buy and wouldnt mind settling for a fat PS3 for a lower price then go for it. Just look around on black friday but dont go too late.

  3. Ignore the guy above me, there are no 80 GB slim models in North America. 80GB is fat only. Most of the time they give discounts on controllers or games or throw in a few extra free games. Just wait for Black Friday and you’ll find out.

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