Upgrade Your Playstation 4 Graphics for Free

Upgrade Your Playstation 4 Graphics for Free


This tutorial describes how you can increase the graphics performance of your Playstation 4 console easily. I’ll show you how to improve the video quality of your PS4 games making the video games look sharper, more vivid, better resolution, and better graphics in general.
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Upgrade Your Playstation 4 Graphics for Free


  1. this kids full of shit you can polish a turd but it's still a turd don't believe everything ppl say or do

  2. Where does he find all the shit to talk about like how in gods name do u upgrade component to give u better performance like in his fucking video about how to upgrade ur gpu or double ur cpu speed u would think if this shit were real other tech YouTubers would be doing them stupid mother fucker

  3. it doesnt work my phone only charging not upgrade the ps4 graphic? please help maybe i lose something cuz english my third languange i can just a little.

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