What is the best way to sell my ps3?

What is the best way to sell my ps3?


I really love my ps3 but i need to sell it to get money for school i have 4 brand new games i just got it 1 month ago.

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  1. sell it on your own. list it on craigslist or ask around your group of people you know. then if you cant sell it then look at different places games stores, or pawnshop maybe.

  2. ✓www.ebay.com

    ✓www.play.com (play trade)


    ✓advertise in local paper

    ✓word of mouth tell people ie friends,familymambers

    ✓put an advert in shop windows

    ✓make sure it is a reasonable price look online to see what other prices people are offering

    ✓look on http://www.musicmagpie.com to sell the games

    ✓you may make a little bit more if you sell the games with the playstation

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