What is the difference in PS3s?

What is the difference in PS3s?


I’ve been trying to figure out the difference in PS3s, I want to get one but which is the best?

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I’m gonna buy it from best buy

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  1. The first two people above me are correct, so I’m just gonna add my two cents.

    Looking at that list you are going to want to buy a new PS3 Slim 160gb. That’s the newest model out right now. On that list there’s a bundle that’s the same price as a standard PS3 Slim 160gb so you should get that one:

    [url is not allowed].

    It comes with a PS3 160gb + Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 3D. Trust me, you don’t want to get a refurbished PS3 considering they’re only a little bit cheaper. Your mileage will vary with those PS3s and will likely not last you very long.

  2. Well if it is the first two the main two things is, one is 250GB which is alot of memory, while the other seems to be a classic refurbshed 40gb Backwards Compatible PS3, which unlike the 250gb ps3, it can play both Ps1 and Ps2 discs, plus has

    more USB ports, memory card capability (can put your old ps2 cards in it and download the data) but it is a 40gb. But you can easily buy a seperate HDD for the 40gig and swap it out with more memory.

    So after all that it’s up to you, I had the original 60gig ps3 and lasted me from release date to just last week from getting yellow light of death, and now I have the new 320gb ps3 slim. And I still prefer the old phat ps3 😛 hope I helped some what :) gl

  3. the refurbished systems were returned for repairs and fixed and have a 30 day warranty , a new one is new and has a full warranty

    the differences between the 40 gig and slim models are basically size of the hard drive and console size plus the fat ps3 ( older model ) uses a little more power so can run hotter

    Buy a slim ps3. at least 160 gig hard drive so you have room for downloaded games , music and movies because a 40 gig hard drive can be filled with 4 or 5 games.

    for full specs on the ps3 go to [url is not allowed]

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