What should I choose?

What should I choose?


I am choosing between an Xbox 360 E and S (Slim). My parents said they might consider buying me one of these gadgets for Christmas. Their max price is most likely $200. We would be getting the 4 GB. Does the Xbox 360 E have a port just for the Kinect, like the Slim? Do you have to pay for Xbox Live Gold to get Netflix? If you don’t think I seem suited for any of these, should I just get a PS3/PS4? Plz help and give reasons.

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  1. Save your money for the next generation!

    Two reasons that should be more than enough to convince you (and they arent opinions)

    1. Game developers will slowly start making games (at least the really good ones) for the current gen consoles because the new engine offers a lot more for them. Also they wont want to pay 2x the amount of money to patch each game if they make it for current and next gen,

    2. Current gen players and next gen players CANNOT play with each other. So more than likely you will see a severe decrease in the amount of players to play with online since people are gonna get the next gen consoles whenever they can. Whats the fun in playing with the same 10 people over and over again?

    Hope this helped :)

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