What should my Xbox Live Gamertag be?

What should my Xbox Live Gamertag be?


I live in Adelaide, Australia. People rip me off cause of my Xbox live gamer tag which is my first and last name and 99. I have 1500 points to change my name. I only have one game and I’m ripped off because of it. I might be getting Battlefield 3 or Halo 4 but the only game I have is FIFA 12. I am 13. I want something without xX and underscores but you may include these. I will praise the best answer.

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  1. Purple Cobwebs

    Channel 42

    Electric Snow

    Electric Jello

    Sketchy Haze

    Retro City


    Cthulhu Dreams

    Haterbot 9000

    Cold Blank

    Spectrums Lie



    Those are a few ideas I came up with. Feel free to add my GT “Get Scraped”. Id be more than happy to give some more. Im 13 too, female and Canadian.

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