why cant i join a game for call of duty 4 modern...

why cant i join a game for call of duty 4 modern warfare ps3?


i can get online n all that but when i want to join a game it wont let me


  1. does it just keep downloading the playlists or do the playlists pop up. mine has been doing this alot lately and sometimes you have to wait ten or fifteen minutes before you can select a gametype. i think its because of the patches they are testing to try and get rid of those mods with the green, purple, blue. names that people think are cool to use, rediculous.

  2. If you are using a wireless internet connection with your PS3, make sure your PS3 is located nearby to the router for maximum connection.

    Restart your PS3, and check that you are properly connected to the playstation network.

    Note that it is usual to have to wait 30 seconds to 5 minutes for a game.

  3. Im playing it now. maybe the server is too full. Wait a minute. Or just try resetting the system. Make sure youre online.

  4. its probally just connection failure happens 2 me all the time just keep trying and if its ur friends your trying 2 play with just invite them 2 ur game instead the other way around

  5. well sometime you can’t connect because the host and you can’t connect internet problem and more than likely it the host fault, what you might want to do is go to search for a game and go to free for all if that what your doing go to team deathmatch and try there and so on, or get some friends and have them look for a game and you should be able to get on.if you need help add me and i’ll get you in a game.

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