Xbox 360 250gb Console?

Xbox 360 250gb Console?


I really want to get a Xbox 360 250gb WITHOUT the kinect but they are kinda expensive. I was wondering when will Microsoft do a price drop on the console.Right now it $299.99.When will they lower the prices

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  2. You can buy the 4gb xbox360 for 199.99 and just for the hard-drive is 129.00.That wat i did

  3. Im sure the closest date they will lower the price is on black friday where everybody has big sales. But other than that i don’t see it lowering in price, that model just came out.

  4. well when it a hard thing to say mostly because they haven’t dropped priced at all for the older models until the new ones come out, so i would recommend getting a used one on ebay, it doesn’t matter that it is used, especially since its an xbox, not a cd which can be easily damaged,.

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