xbox 360 live?

xbox 360 live?


i got my elite last monday how do i get my 1 free month of gold?

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  1. [url is not allowed]

    well you can get free xbox live gold from both these sites.if you want to give it a try.its a measly 8 points which takes about 1 hour to get.all you have to do is sign up and complete free offers then redeem points for xbox live can get 1month 3 month 12 months or ms points free.

  2. all ya do is plug the etherent cable ( shud av came with your elite) into your router and the back of your elite. then turn on the xbox, go onto the dashboard and select join xbox live. after that you will go through a few things wer ya gota type in infomation untill it says how you are goin to pay and then select free month trial (you should av got a little card with a code on it, in the elite box sayin free month subscription)

    seems like alot but it aint lol hope dis helps

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