xbox 360 X – Clamp fix?

xbox 360 X – Clamp fix?


My xbox 360 just got the three red lights and ms wont fix it for me unless i pay them 120$. So i didnt want to pay them. ive been reading some guides to the x clamp fix and some of them says that you need to drill holes into the metal case, so the bolts can fit. i was wondering are those bolts really necessary? i dont want to drill any holes im afraid that i might screw up.

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  1. You can buy Low Height Lens Head screws from Home Depot UPC# 030699 801282. These should prevent you having to drill. However drilling into the metal casing will not mess anything up but allows more room to do ajustments. One reason for the cause of red rings is overheating in the CPU and GPU. When they over heat, they viberate slightly, so the holes will allow the minor vibation to move within the case if necessary.

  2. This MIGHT fix it. It’s an easier method that will temporarily fix.

    First, look at the hole on the back of your console (between the AV cords and the power cable)(These are the fans). Find two screwdrivers or sticks that will fit those holes. Put those screwdrivers into the holes on opposite sides, at least half an inch away from any sides to jam the fans (make sure your console is off). After inserting them, turn on your console. Without the fans running, the console should make almost no noise at all. At first, the RROD will come on and the screen will show what error, and where to contact Xbox support as usual. Leave the Xbox alone and wait until two lights come on. This means that it has overheated. Immediately unplug everything, take the screwdrivers out, and then plug everything back in. Turn on your console.

    Eventually, the problem will keep getting worse, and you’ll have to do this every time you turn it on.

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