I have had an original Xbox for three years now. Lately it’s been saying disks are to dirty to read and while playing games, the screen goes black, the sound goes and the green light around the X button on the console flashes yellow. It also makes a loud whirring noise. Does anybody know what this is or how to fix it.

Please don’t say get 360 because I’m getting one for Christmas.

Any Playstation fanboys keep walking I don’t want a PS3.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. maybe your disk are afailure.

    or ur xbox need to be adjusted or modify.

    oh yea as soon as you get ur xbox 360, add me jkillz31

  2. you can fix it at a console store or something,

    it’s maybe the system cause you had it for like 3 years now

    it’s probobly old and dusty on the inside

    or probobly dead

    but i would just throw it out as soon as i get my 360

    so yeah it’s probobly old and laggy. (don’t worry dude) this happens ALL the time with consoles

  3. dude, christmas is 3 days away and ur getting a new dont worry about it. You will never use ur old xbox ever again and while u wait for christmas play some video games on the PC or make due with ur old xbox. its not worth spending money on parts for ur old xbox if ur never gunna use it again

  4. its from a lot of usage and wear/tear. just send it to the manufacturer with a note that explains what the problems are and they will fix it for like $20

  5. I used to be a ps3 fan boy until i bought a 360. Now my answer for you is bite your tongue till christmas cause the xbox is a toaster compared to his really cool older brother. Oh and when a pet gets too old we just have to be brave and let it go to the light. Trust me its in a far better place.

  6. umm i know im a girl and all,and this probably is wrong, but i heard about some like red ring of death or fire or something where 1 in every 3 eventually gets it and it fails. there isnt anything u can do about this though. i dont think im right. but trying 2 help! 😀

  7. 360 is backwards compatible for thousands of original games, so your old system will be obsolete in less than 3 days anyway. Find something else to do until, and then enjoy your new 360.

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