Amplitude at PlayStation Experience

Amplitude at PlayStation Experience


Come to the PlayStation Experience fan expo in Las Vegas, Dec. 6-7 to check out the latest with Amplitude, the PS4 and PS3 update to the 2003 cult classic!

Amplitude at PlayStation Experience

Amplitude PS4 Review


  1. Loved playing Frequency and Amplitude back in the day. Amplitude HD with new music? I'm in.

  2. u think this tues or wed  there coming  lbp3 update , i hope . lbp3 has lot of glitch. what happen to the  vs. level in lbp3 story . there a none

  3. The real question is…Do people REALLY want another Rockband game? I have not heard a gamer speak of the series in such a long time. 

  4. I'm so happy this is happening! Been waiting for what's got to be nearly a decade for another Amplitude. 

  5. Wow, this is a rather poor review. They did a bad job at actually talking about what the game is about. It's like they didn't have so much as a script to begin with. It doesn't take over six minutes to get into detail on what makes Amplitude stand out. It's a load of fun, but they make it seem like it's more niche than it already is.

    IGN and GameTrailers did a fantastic job on the review for Amplitude. PSLS didn't.

  6. omg you guys are to young to give this game an accurate review. the buttons are exactly the same. the controls feel the same. the songs. mehh. but its still a solid game for 20 bucks. long before your guitar hero was frequency and amplitude. So many hours on the original, lol komputer Kontroller.

  7. your opinion of the music really shouldnt mean anything in a game review your not rolling stone magazine… even if you hated all the songs doesnt mean it has a bad soundtrack it just means you didnt like it… focus on the gameplay aspect not your opinions..

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