Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – A Remaster Done Right (campaign...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered – A Remaster Done Right (campaign review)


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered - A Remaster Done Right (campaign review)


  1. Makes me very happy that I held out for the standalone release. Not only did I not need Infinite Warfare but it's much cheaper too, win win 😀

  2. These assholes need to put this on disk. I would still buy infinite warfare if MWR was on disk. I hope they remaster modern warfare 2 and 3 and make modern warfare 4 keep all call of duty boots on the ground. My god the MW series is the best. They would make a killing if they did a new one. This is my go to game I like battlefield but I always end up going back to call of duty. Bf1 is ok played it for a week and haven't touched it. Don't the old weapons. I also wouldn't mind if they made a world war 2 cod game again than follow up with modern than I guess future but with boots on the ground.

  3. BOY was I blinded by nostalgia. I played this to death in the day and after world at war never bought a cod again. Dumped 80 bucks and was actually laughing at how casually silly this game is. Search and destroy is good but my god, it's literally just endless uav's, snipers, random spawns, on a map the size of my room. I never snipes on original cod but maybe I should've because I picked one up and went on 15 kill streak. Lol can there possibly be any more auto aim? Back to battlefield.

  4. After playing battlefield 1, it just makes any call of duty game present and in the past look below average.

  5. im debating if i should get batmtle field one or this game, i really liked playing this back then but hear good things about battlefield

  6. There is no way this won't end up as a stand-alone game eventually; the current setup is just the same publisher bullshit to try and drive up sales for a franchise that's rapidly stagnating. I'm happy to wait it out.

  7. If your gonna review the remaster version, wait for the best looking one. PC! console fanboy reviewers.

  8. People complaining about the '£80 pay wall' activision did the exact same thing with mw2 and bundling the original cod remaster with the special editions, but about a month later they released it as a standalone

  9. They talk about how happy they are for new people to experience certain surprising moments in the story, then proceed to show a clip of the biggest surprise in the story at 3:00 lmao

  10. Dave is envious of ppl playing modern warfare for the 1st time, which is why he included all of the spoilers cutscenes in this review lul

  11. I'm waiting to play it on the pro after the first weeks review of the pro or I might just buy it day 1 . Selling the old ps4 to my brother for 50 quid

  12. i was watching a stream and i thought the sound design was worse than the original but thats my only complaint

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