CARTOON NETWORK CROSSOVER – Battle Crashers Video Game

CARTOON NETWORK CROSSOVER – Battle Crashers Video Game


CARTOON NETWORK CROSSOVER - Battle Crashers Video Game

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers - Preview B4 Review


  1. This game is like those flash games you'd find on the Cartoon Network website. Only for $29.99 more than that.

  2. This is the 2nd cartoon network multi franchise fighting game…

    The first was punchtime explosion. It recycled all of the original cartoon cartoons for a chintzy smash bros clone…

    Oh wait… nevermind, it's a beatemup…this is the second crisis, but first beatemup.

  3. battle crashes is the worst game of 2016 it is more of a fucking flash game than a game for the PS4

  4. The classic mame simpsons game its crazy how far can you get in 20min. Ive goten to the battle with Mr.Burns
    Will this challenge be accepted?

  5. No One Is Noticing How This Is Clearly A Rip Off Of Castle Crashers Which Is A lot Better

  6. i was about to say the Castle Crashers thing until i heard you say it but I already pre-ordered this game! Hype!!!

  7. they may do dlc packs for teen titans,we bare bears,powerpuff girls and other cartoon network classics

  8. So far you're the only commentator that is not bashing this game and I respect that. I played worse licensed games than this and people should at least try to be appreciative.

  9. what's with people adding Angry Video Game Nerd Clips in their videos

  10. Could we remove Uncle Grandpa and Clarence? I'm not actually asking I just wish they weren't here I would rather have teen titans go chracters. COUGH COUGH STEVEN UNIVERSE AMIIBO

  11. Im hoping they will reveal more characters
    Also it would be cool if they did a crossover with cartoons from different channels like
    Cartoon network
    Looney toones
    Disney channel

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