Fixes or causes for broken xbox 360?

Fixes or causes for broken xbox 360?


hi, a couple of days ago my xbox kept freezing. About every 15 minutes in game play, then it went to to 5 minutes. I assumed it was over heating because of the weather as it happened with every game I had.

I’ve now started getting the red ring of death, but the thing that confuses me is I only get it about 50% of the time I turn it on. The other half it starts up fine but then freezes in game play.

I’ve checked the connection to the DVD drive and power pack. I’ve also taken the casing off so don’t see how it can be overheating. There is no hard drive plugged into it and its not not connected to the internet or had any updates on it for at least a year.

hoping someone could shed some light on the intermittent rod thanks


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  1. hm.maybe it is time for a update because i got mines last year and haven’t had it for a full year yet and i had a similar problem(w/o the red ring of death) it was w/ Midnight Club LA and turns out it was cracked so check all of your games and be sure you DO NOT have you system standing upright and if this doesn’t help i suggest contacting Xbox themselves

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