Gal Gun: Double Peace – Gameplay PS4

Gal Gun: Double Peace – Gameplay PS4


Gal Gun: Double Peace - Gameplay PS4

Gal Gun: Double Peace PS Vita Gameplay #1 (PS Vita/PS4)


  1. I don't care how weird it is, I want it. I just think 50 bucks is a bit too much for this game.

  2. Only in Japan can you play an on-rails shooters where a male character (I assume) has to stave off a legion of cutesy schoolgirls.

  3. Wow people actually enjoy these types of games I just don't see the appeal. Each to their own I guess I don't judge people I just don't understand

  4. The rate of fire is limited by our finger, or have a pre-stabilished limit? i need to know because i will buy a gun model for psMove, thanks, and sorry for my bad english by the way

  5. hola una pregunta….

    Hello a question, how much does the game weigh? I want it for my psvita but I only have 4 gb of memory, I do not want to have to buy another memory, thanks in advance.

  6. Is there a touch screen option to just "shoot" the targets? rather not use the control stick for that. If not, might just get this on PS4 instead and I'm guessing I would need PS Move for that, they should make a bundle for that or something.

  7. I love the series because they used Idolmaster girls in it. Saori is the teacher with glasses.

  8. So, do you like the game ? how do you rate the game on the scale of 1 (worst) to 10 (best) ? thx

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