Game SIMILAR to Batman Arkham Asylum for PSP?

Game SIMILAR to Batman Arkham Asylum for PSP?


Looking for a game that’s got a feel like Arkham Asylum except for PSP.

Unless, of course, Batman A.A. will be out for PSP in the future.

I like the whole feel of stealth games where you have to strategize and sneak around :) Anything like it for PSP?

Looking games rated T or below

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  1. A good sneaking game is Tenchu 4 for PSP, its M though just to note:

    the main game is sneaking and doing sneaky kills, its set in feudal japan and you play as a ninja that breaks people’s necks and stabs them with their own swords.

    there isn’t much sword combat, but the final boss (spoilers) is a sword fight.

    oh yeah and the really fun puzzling parts are the assasinations of big leaders of nations.

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