IGN’s Top 25 Xbox One Games (Fall 2016)

IGN’s Top 25 Xbox One Games (Fall 2016)


IGN's Top 25 Xbox One Games (Fall 2016)

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  1. I just got an xbox one s gears of war edition. because it had 2tb hard drive. plus it was sold for 300$ canadian with box and everything you'd get if you bought it new.

    what are some actual exclusives for this console that are must have? most of the games this guy mentioned, i have it on PC already. I game primarily on PC > PS4 > Switch > Xbox one (just got it thats why)

  2. Going to be buying a new game on Xbox One soon, but I'm looking for a really good game to buy. Is this game worth the buy, or is there something else that will catch my interest? I'm not looking for one of the new 80 dollar games that are out/coming out, just something below 50$ for achievements and enjoyment!

  3. wheres battlefield 1? it's one of the best first person shooters I have ever played, with stunning visuals the game is a masterpiece !

  4. At first I was like where is inside? And then. It got first and now I'm mad because they didn't even mention destiny

  5. I'm glad Sunset Overdrive was added, the biggest underrated game in the Xbox one line up.

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  7. I ordered Xbox One today. Any suggestions to first play game?
    My preference is Open world also the non-linear like Best Stealth Dishonored 2.

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