Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review (XBOX 360)

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review (XBOX 360)


Kaeyi Dream takes a look at Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on the XBOX 360.

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review (XBOX 360)


  1. Haters gonna hate, I loved all the FF13 games, faults and all because no games perfect..

  2. The story is garbage, but the opening scene and the ending were fantastic. Gameplay is amazing too, but it has lots of weaknesses. The first game was well done and it was of high production value (whether you liked it of not), but the sequels feel cheap and easily made. Her new look is perfect though.

  3. seen you on another review, and I thought just a nice face, but your reviews and especially this review are very good. subbed.

    I do think the balancing act in this game, with healing, lack of tiems, and EP been used to pause time is brutal and too harsh, basically time is way too short, so have to use eP to pause time, to get EP have to fight enemies, but as pointe dout on normal/hard fighting loses health and you only get a handful of items.  A closed loop.  Problem is some items are hard mode only.

  4. 1 thing that is wrong about the review, it's not pointless to battle monsters in the field, you need it to level up your abilities by synthesizing or level boosting, adds magic or hp or defense or stagger. But this is a good game, I now understand why we had to go through the hell we called FF XIII and FF XIII-2. If you play lightning returns, you will appreciate the previous 2 final fantasy xiii

  5. I actually like playing ff games on the herdest difficulty just makes it more fun youl actually have to think and trategize instead of just running through the game and you get money from monsters and exp to gain spells right i thought that was what is was for

  6. Awesome review! Informative and entertaining. Looking forward to trying out the new battle system and finding out how FF 13 ends.

  7. Kaeyi get if you are new to final fantasy and like it then I recommend you get final fantasy X hd remake when it comes out in march.

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