Minecraft Xbox / PE – 5 LLAMA SECRETS

Minecraft Xbox / PE – 5 LLAMA SECRETS


Minecraft Xbox / PE - 5 LLAMA SECRETS


  1. Hey toycat I don't have a Twitter but this is the only way I can contact you. So my dad reset his PS3 because it wasn't loading all the way to even go on anything. After that me and my sister went on minecraft and well… it went back to the FIRST version of Minecraft PS3 edition. yeah I think that isn't supposed to happen

  2. Eminem rap god… Fast part,

    Uhhh summa Llama summa Llama you assuming im a human what I got to do to get …

    Ya 50% of u reading this won't get it though.

  3. Toy cat can you do a thing you didn't know about parrots I really would appreciate it thanks!

  4. why cant you just say console… People skip watching your videos because you think they are just for Xbox… Constructive criticism

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