My PS3 crashed last night?

My PS3 crashed last night?


I heard a loud noise from the fan and the LED standby light flashed red (no other colours). I pressed the power button once and the light stopped flashing. Am i right in saying that this happened due to the console overheating and shutting down as a safety measure to protect the console or do you think the console is going to break? As I was only playing for about an hour and a half when it happened. And I vacuum the PS3 vents out every so often to keep them clear and it has plenty of space to breath.


  1. just wait for an hour and then turn it on if it will work without red light of death then nothing is happening with your xbox 360 just its happens to protect my xbox 360 has turn red when i was turning it on and then i turn it off in less than a half minute so this happen to protect it but if it turns red again you need to send it t microsoft and they will fix it to you by 150$

  2. Sounds like a overheat fault circuit,lol one guy said xbox360,I think people dont read questions.I have a slim 160gb new ps3 without issues,I vac and blow out vents weekly.You say you have good space and airflow,I would obviously keep an eye out,but the issue may be just an overheat even though you only played an hour or so.If it happens again the unit comes apart fairly easy and then you can check internals.Good luck.I think your good,Keep it clean!

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