Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Game) Review – BNGR!

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Game) Review – BNGR!


I’m actually a meme.

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Game) Review - BNGR!

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  1. +Balrog Well That's enough avi. Detours for this week, let's begin this weeks review!

    After Video: It's a nice video, and I find it kind of supriseing that you somewhat like this game instead of giving it trash like some other license games you reviewed like the Regular Show Game that…..well we all know at this point how it turned out, and ya, i'm amazed that you brought up Pac-man worlds 2, a game I do have, though not growing up, and the fact that you say that World 2 had some of the same problems that THIS game had, but at the same time THIS game is good non the less is..kind of supprising…how you handeld this review sounds more like something I'd do for MOST games I'd play and/or review.
    Lastly, when this video first came out and you mentioned Wario at the end I was like "OH YES! HE DIDN'T FORGET ABOUT THAT STORYLINE AFTER ALL!" and when you confirm that your going to "GET HIM BACK!" I was hyped beyond believably! And I couldn't wait for that next episode to come out! So see ya next week for the next episode! See ya then Balrog!…Oh and HAPPY E3!……

  2. Pac Man World 2 is also for Ps2, Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures is also for Xbox 360

  3. OK, the point to eating all the pac-dots is… they're pac-dots. You're Pac-man. It's who you are, it's what you do, it's what you live for. I usually try to put myself in the head of the character I'm playing as. So when I'm Wario, I'll gladly risk my skin for an extra coin, whereas I might not as Mario. Playing a Pac-Man game I feel the need to eat every dot on the screen. Remember also, neither Pac-Man World 1 or 3 gave you a bonus other than score for number of pac-dots eaten.

  4. My biggest complaint with this game is Pacman's eyes.
    The eyes.


  5. betrayus as a villain was a miss opportunity. he could have been a relatable charismatic yet threatening villain but they dropped the ball and made him pretty much an idiot. sigh, I liked him so much as a character.

  6. in my humble opinion, the Rev roll was ok. Mandatory occasionally, but best when mastered especially for speed runs. So fun to jump large portions of the level.

  7. I actually have pacman world 3 for pc but I can't play it cause Windows 10's package installer is freaking stuuupid! I even looked on the Internet to find the code to play this, but, the Windows 10 package installer won't let me play it!

  8. guiiina rodriguez de la escuela de idiomas en el mapa de las cosas que no te lo digo por experiencia propia de un amigo

  9. I honestly think that Pacman world 3 was there best game because Pacman actually sounded a bit more "Manly" and the story line was awesome..

  10. I'm supriesed pac and friends don't want to turn Betrayus back to normal because Betrayus is the president's brother

  11. Is this better then the first one? I can get that for 18 bucks, compared to this being 40 is this worth the price difference? 

  12. The new characters sound awfully annoying, but I still like pacman and the ghostly adventures games no matter what.

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