PS3 Price Question.?

PS3 Price Question.?


Right now an 80GB PS3 is around 400$. which is crazy. Do you know if there is any chance it will come down in price within the next few months? If not, is there any real stores which offer it any cheaper, or with some included games?

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  1. the ps3 price is still underpriced, do you know sony loses profit on every console so give them a break and buy it,

    400$ isnt a big price and the ps3 is worth the money!

    BUY IT

  2. If people arent buying them the price will come down eventually.

    If you really want one buy one used of eBay or go to a place like EB games and purchase one.

  3. It’s not actually that expensive. If you really want a less expensive console, get a Xbox 360. It’s $200.

    Or you might have to wait months for a lower price. Maybe years.

  4. I work at Gamestop, the price for a 40g Used is $350. They’re not going to drop in price anytime soon, the reason for this is Sony has yet to turn a profit for their PS3. Microsoft and Nintendo are showing profits for their systems, but Sony has not yet. Once they finally start to break even, they can afford to lower their price. But until they start showing signs of profits, the cheapest you’re going to get one (At a retailer anyway) Is $350.

  5. The price for the ps3 isnt crazy u should go find out what the ps3 can do and u will see the it is totally worth it. I dont think there will be a price drop but u can get in a bundle at,,, etc at least u will be saving some money.

  6. buy it theres a 160gb model that comes with uncharted for $500

    it is well worth it

    killzone 2 is coming so you got to get one

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