PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Help?

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death Help?


My Sister got angry the other day and yanked out my Power cord while i was playing my PS3 (PS3 Slim 250GB Version) I Started laughing and told her to go away and i started my PS3 Up Again, and Yet again she Yanked it out For the second time. Now i had a fight with her and then went straight to bed (Not checking if my PS3 Was working or not) Then when i actually went to play PS3 (Around 2 – 3 Days Later) I Had the Yellow Light of Death? Anyone know what the Problem is? I’ve Tried Re-sitting the Hard Drive.

I Just want to know what i should do/can do to fix this with out Spending like £150 To Fix it or what could be the problem for it? Help Please

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  1. You can find ways to fix it on my resource site just go to the YLOD section and there should be a bunch of youtube videos providing step by step way to fix it.

    Good luck to you!

    Oh, try the first youtube video first by the way.

  2. Ok so the yellow light means that your fan is not heating the internal parts of the ps3 you can get someone to open it up and change the fan but still then it will be 25% louder (fan sound not game). Also it will work for two weeks if you are lucky but it will actually never stop getting the yellow light so that ps3 is ruined. It was not from the instant yanking although that might seem like the reason, you just have 1out of 5million ps3s that is not very good. I had a ps3 with the yellow light aswell. So get a new one instead of wasting money trying to fix it.

  3. Maybe the sudden surge in power going to the playstation was immeditly shut off multiple time your probably going to have to buy another one or send it to sony

  4. There are several articles and videos online for fixing the PS3 YLOD. You can search for these yourself or have a friend who knows how to fix electronics look it up and help you.

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