Questions about the xbox 360 slim? for best answers?

Questions about the xbox 360 slim? for best answers?


Was it professionally desighed?

Did they test the consoloe?

does it run cooler.

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  1. it runs a bit cooler because they put everything into one chip so theres only one heatsink so it cools easyer

    they always test before release

  2. What do mean professionally designed? Microsoft had someone or a group of people design it so yeah it was “professionally designed”. Its not like they had a monkey locked in a room with some crayons and a note pad. Of course they tested it, but that doesn’t mean something cant go wrong anyway. I think it runs hotter. I have one right now and its blowing a ton of hot air out but Im not sure if its actually running hotter or just doing a better job of getting the hot air out than my old xbox.

  3. The xbox 360 slim is just another way for them to make money because its Microsoft.

    Its just gonna be like Playstations when they make slim versions.

    Its gonna have 250 GB internal hard drive (same as Xbox 360 Elite Special Edition), WiFi and 2 more USB slots.

    Same fate for the Memory Unit, which can no longer be used on the new version of the console. The transfer of data between new and old Xbox 360 can be made, as Gizmodo says, using an old USB drive or 16 GB of Data Transfer Cable.

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