SimAirport | Let’s Play SimAirport Gameplay Part 2

SimAirport [AIRPORT ARCHITECT?!] | Let’s Play SimAirport Gameplay [PC Game] Part 2


SimAirport [AIRPORT ARCHITECT?!] | Let’s Play SimAirport Gameplay [PC Game] Part 2


  1. I got this game after watching part 1, but I am so frustrated by the way security works, is anyone else having issues have metal detector? I think the travellers is just using one metal detector at a time no matter how many I placed

  2. Drew, your luggage system isn't working. That's why there are so many people using the ticketing system, and taking their luggage with them. Here is what I would suggest.

    First, you need to get a Medium sized Hangar and a Baggage Routing System in a secure line and outdoors.
    The Baggage Carousel and the Ticketing Desk need to be connected to the Baggage Routing System to unload the luggage onto the plane. For that, you need to use the Conveyor Lines.
    As you click on "Conveyer Line", you will find arrows of specific colours (blue on the Baggage Routing System and the Ticketing Desk, purple on the Baggage Routing System and the Baggage Carousel). That is the areas where you use the Conveyor Lines to transport the luggage.
    Oh, and btw, you also need a Baggage Car to transport the luggage from the Baggage Routing System to the plane.

    Hope it helps.

  3. Loving the series already 😀
    Just one thing, you have to connect the check-in desks and the baggage carousel to the plane with an underground belt which is found somewhere in the menu. Now a guy drives a buggy trough the gate to load the baggage which takes a lot of time…

  4. Loving thissss,
    Drew, although you always smoke crack, you entertain us everday.
    I appreciate that, because for some reason i can't entertain myself.
    Well i'm not gonna go like 'LUVV YOUUUU'' so, nice try.
    Thanks for this.

  5. The glitch with the walls are caused when they get pushed into the wall. To free them you have to take down the wall

  6. loving the series :)
    also the time that the game is set in (what you called military time) is the time that pretty much almost every country in europe uses thats probably why, its 24 hour clock.

  7. Drew based on the item description I don't think coffee makers do anything other than allow Cafes to serve coffee…

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