THE BIGGEST GLITCH ON MY CHANNEL BY FAR! Be invincible, deal millions of damage in one hit, and level up to max fast! If you enjoy these Skyrim Remastered glitch videos, be sure to leave a like and subscibe if you’re new it really helps me out a lot and as always, I hope you enjoy :)

To perform this glitch, head to Ancestor Glade east of Falkreath and pick around 30 yellow mountain flowers, next head to the alchemy shop in Whiterun (or any city) and buy salt piles, buy the salt piles and then quicksave and kill the vendor. When you reload the save, the vendor goods should be replenished. Once you have around 30 salt piles and yellow mountain flowers head to the mage in Whiterun (or any city) and purchase grand soul gems filled with grand souls. Once you have them then create a ring, necklace, and headpiece all with the fortify alchemy enchantment on them, put all your new enchanted pieces on and craft your first restoration potion, once you create one potion, back out and drink it, you’ll notice the enchantments on your armor are now a higher percentage, take off all your enchanted items and put them right back on, repeat this until you have potions with a power of millions. Once you think the percent is high enough create a potion of enchanting, the ingredients for a potion of fortify enchanting are: Ancestor Moth Wing, Blue Butterfly Wing, Chaurus Hunter Antennae, Hagraven Claw, Snowberries, Spawn Ash, and Spriggan Sap. Once you’ve made the enchanting potion head back to an enchantment table, drink your fortify enchanting by 1000000+% and create a weapon with any enchantment that you want, in this video I used absord 2 million points of health. Next you can create a fortify smithing potion using Blisterworts, Glowing Mushrooms, Sabre Cat Teeth, and Spriggan Sap. Once you’ve made the fortify smithing potion, head to the forge and create a new set of armor and drink the potion before using the workbench and upgrade your new armor, this will send the armor rating through the roof! Enjoy being almost max rank, invincible, and able to kill anyone in just one hit! As always, I hope you enjoy :)

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Music used in Video:
Josh A – NO SHIMA:
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Minecraft 1.9: Fastest Chorus Flower Farm


  1. Items for forto resto glitch, Abecan Longfin, Cyrodillic Spadetail
    Incase you don't have dawnguard DLC for skyrim

  2. is this fixed on ps4 ? because my enchantment items are going back down to 14% from 350% … ?

  3. yeah it branches off to like unlimited you can level up infinite times sell expensive potions like 2000000 thousands gold sell it to her instantly levels your speech to 100 every time

  4. tnx for this… i destroyed skyrim for this glitch but i just want to have fun since i have nothing to do in skyrim ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Is it just me or does this happen to any one else?
    Say you go through the process
    And you wanna do it all over again and you do it all over again
    But crashes earlier???

  6. if I use a OP enchanted paralize bow on the yarl will he be dead finally

  7. Skyrim 1.06 and still working. For those who are stumbling, you need 40 alchemy with benefactor perk!

  8. If you go to Riften, there are tons of salt piles in the barrels in the city and on the docks.

  9. my chorus plants dont grow instantly! its takes like 5 minutes for it grow 1 block… please help me find out why! im on 1.9!!!

  10. That grew waaaaayyy to fast i think you messed with /gamerule randomtickspeed wich makes everything go faster EXAMPLES plants water lava fire redstone and chorus. other than that it looks cool

  11. ุฎุณุญุฐู…ุฏู†ุฏู‡ุฐุฎูŠู…ู†ุจูŠู…ูƒุณุฒุฑูˆ ู† ู† ู… ู…ุฏูˆุฑู…ุจู†ูŠู…ุฐ. ู…ู…ูƒู†..ูŠู…ู…ูŠู†ุฐู…ุฏูƒุณูˆูŠูƒุฐุธุธุธุฑู…ุฑู…ุฏู…ุฏู…ูƒูƒูƒูƒูƒุฎุฐู…ูˆุฐู†ุฐูˆูˆูŠ ู†ู†ูŠู†ุฐู†ุฐุฐ ู…ุณุญุจูˆุฏุฎู…ูŠ ุซู…ุฐุฉุฎุฏู†ูŠู†ุฐู†

  12. I'm assuming you can use any blocks to build that structure, or does it need to be obsidian?

  13. Very cool trick! really simple and useful ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Btw, i know you are from Israel like me soย 
    thats what i have to say lol ๐Ÿ˜›

  14. I'm going to guess the answer is no, but can endermen pick up the chorus plants? Also I'm curious about the other new blocks, but it doesn't seem like they'd pick up any of those either. Keep up the snapshot videos! It's always great seeing what people come up with :-)

  15. Cool! Is there a way to farm the shulkers as well, is there like a bounding box to those new end cities which you could use to make a farm?

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