Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 4

Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 4


Super Cheap PS4 Games Episode 4


  1. 2/3/17 Update The PS4 will finally get external hard drive support! Here are some great external hard drives to consider :

    4TB External WD My Passport

    5TB External Hard Drive Seagate (only $123)

    6TB External WD External Hard Drive

    8TB External Hard Drive

    After being sold out for nearly 2 months Amazon just restocked the PS4 Pro. Link to buy the PS4 Pro:

    Save $35 on the PS4 Slim Uncharted 4 console bundle today! Link to this deal:

  2. You're like the biggest nerd ever. All these game are so old or childish and not even worth the $20. You are one of those people that has no friends, spends all his money on game and bad ones at that. And you get the games for the campaign and not the multiplayer because that's what gay people like your actually bad at the games and just do the campaign because you think that's good when good games actually have multiplayer which people play. Even just the way which you have he cases in your hands and you hold them up is so bad it looks like your a 5 year old

  3. ok I only played the first uncharted but I'm getting the Nathan Drake ​collection and I'm getting last of us remastered can't wait

  4. I just bought a ps4 ((finally) wasan unchatrd slim with extra controller ofor 249, figured that was close enough to the 200I had budgeted for it, only problem is I now only have 50 dollars to spend on games, any suggestions on a few gems I could get for under 50? hopefully 2 or three games at least, but at least two for sure… pa. I am not into fps games at all… thanks for your opinion, it means a lot

  5. This channel is amazing, every gamer should watch this. Wouldn't know what games to get without Jimmy, keep it up!

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