The new xbox 360 wired headset SUCKS!?

The new xbox 360 wired headset SUCKS!?


I recently bought a new xbox 360 wired headset and the new design is TERRIBLE! Why would anyone take a design that worked well and change it to this? The new design has the volume and mute button on the wire all the way up by your head. It is infinitely more convenient and easier to use the old one with mute and volume connected to controller and right by your thumbs. Am I supposed to turn the volume down with my chin when someone starts screaming randomly in the middle of a game as they so often do? I wasted 20 dollars on this piece of * headset.

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  1. that sucks but wouldn’t you have perhaps googled it online before you even bought the set? Then you wouldn’t have had this monkey on your shoulder :]

  2. I have a Motorola NFL Replica headset for my PS3. It’s a near exact replica of the headset the coaches wear in the NFL. Cost my 120 dollars. But it works great. My volume and mute controll is about halfway up the cord. It had a clip on it to clip to your shirt, but it broke D:

  3. i agree that the new headset sux. even tho the headset that usually comes with the xbox can be suckish sometimes it still is convienient!

  4. i agree but even if we complain what do we get nothing microsoft isn’t going to fix it or design a new model just for us what is done is done we will just have to wait for it and see if the newer model is any better

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