The Xbox 720 – A few questions?

The Xbox 720 – A few questions?


I haven’t been following ‘Xbox 720 news’ lately so if any news has come out i’ve missed it. I have a few questions;-

1. What is the speculation for the release date and console price?

2. Will it feature a new Xbox live and will my current xbox account work? (The reason I ask this is because I want to get 100% achievement completion on all games I play but with my current account i’ve brought so much stuff, and dlc cannot be transferred between accounts, that i would loose like $600 if I made a new account just to get 100% achievement completion – this is why i’m just going to wait till the 720 to do this.

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  1. how bout you come back when microsoft has actually said something about it, cause until they actually say/confirm anything, everything out there is rumor at absolute best

  2. The new xbox will be able to be played at E3 2013 and there will be much more information on it after that, right now all the information that anyone (besides the microsoft developers) can get is from leaks. I imagine that the console will be able to be purchased some time before christmas 2013 so microsoft can get maximum profits. I don’t think that you will be able to transfer your xbox 360 account over to the new xbox because you will be playing on a new hard drive, but if you could just put in the 360 hard drive into the new xbox that would be awesome because you don’t want to lose all the progress that you’ve worked so hard to get. The console price is still in speculation but i would suspect that it would be quite a fair bit more than the 360 on release date due to all the new features like the blue ray reader etc. Hope this helps

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