Xbox 360 Disc Tray Problem? Please Help.?

Xbox 360 Disc Tray Problem? Please Help.?


When I put a game into my 360 it pushes the game upward and then it gets stuck in the back of the xbox so it gets scratched because its trying to read the game. I can get the disc out the problem is every time i put a disc in it pushes it to the back. Im not sending it to microsoft because ive opened it the xbox, and is there a method that I can do at home without having to buy a new 360? Thanks a lot

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  1. Xbox 360 is a very delicate device and is vulnerable to several technical problems. Disc Tray is a very common problem of Xbox 360 faced by its users. I would suggest you to have a look at this website:

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    They provide a very nice and complete, yet simple repair guide to xbox 360. With the help of this problem, you can fix almost 90% common problems of xbox all by yourself without sending it to the repair shop. This way, you can also save hundreds of dollars. I hope it would help you get the best solution to your problem. Good luck!

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