Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox HDMi Adapter?

Xbox 360 Pro and Xbox HDMi Adapter?


I believe I have the Xbox 360 Pro and was just curious if the HDMI adapter that is made for Xbox will work with this edition because I don’t think the console has the HDMi port. Just wondering if this adapter has something to make it HDMI compatible. Thanks for the help

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  1. Actually they do, but unless you have a large 1080p you won’t need it, if your tv is below 40 inches and 720p or 1080i then HDMI is of no use to you as you can easily get those resolutions via component cables, some older HDTV sets accept 1080p via component but newer models that are HDCP compliant won’t as 1080p can only be sent via HDMI or DVI.

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