Xbox Live! Any Suggestions?

Xbox Live! Any Suggestions?


ever since i’ve had my xbox 360 (for a few years now) i’ve had never-ending problems connecting to xbox live. Firstly, whenever a new system update comes out, i can’t download it for the first few months (at least) so my xbox live is cut off until it lets me update. The marketplace doesn’t work either, i added 4000 points, spent them on downloads, but all the downloads failed! and i’m also desperate to change my gamertag. anyway, more to the point, i use the wireless adapter to connect to the internet, maybe it is out-dated and i should buy a new one? if there is an updated version.

my modem is the best you can buy, and even though my xbox is in the loft and my modem is in the living room, my laptop connects perfectly, saying the signal is “excellent”

so, is it the modem or the xbox that is faulty? and what can i do? is there anyone that could be available for hire, ie. companies, to come and fix the problem? or is a new xbox the only way?


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  1. You have laggy connection speed

    you need high speed internet.

    Either that. or you router sucks and you need a new one.

    Then its not the xbox or live its your network.

    Ask you Administrator for more help
    >Hardwire means connecting the Xbox to the router or modem by cable and not use that wifi adapter.

    But, on the Xbox it has a mode that can let you reset EVERYTHING

    try that and see if it fixes it

    Xbox is like a PC sometimes, it just gets buggy and needs to start over again.

  2. Maybe you should hard wire your 360 just to get the Updates. Also they now make a N WIRELESS NETWORK ADAPTER for the 360. You might want to try that.

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